Easy and quick Gardening Tricks


Gardening is for some a form of meditation, for some it’s an art form and for others it is a tradition that must live on. No matter what the reason is, if you have a garden in your yard, you know how hard it is to keep it perfect and healthy. And, usually, people love advice that are quick and helpful, that can be used easily and help us shortcut some of the tedious tasks we don’t like so much. So, here is a list with the selected quick tips that may transform your garden tomorrow.

Pot in a pot – this is a great advice for those of you who like changing their garden with the seasons. New season, new set of plants that go well with it. But it can be hard replacing it so here is a quick tip: dig a hole and place a pot with holes in it inside. Next, plant your flower or bush of choice in another pot and place it inside of the one on the ground. And – viola! now, all you need to do next season is remove the pot and put another one in.

gardening-van-houtte-coffee_emag_article_largeEggs in the ground – just like you need food, so do your plants. Feeding them calcium can prove to be great for them and one quick and cheap way to do is using eggs. You most likely already have some eggs in your fridge right now, so after the breakfast, save your egg shells, grind them in a juicer and mix with the ground. Your plants will love you for it!

Forking – we all know who the enemies of the gardens are – it’s the ones we love the most that will destroy it the most. Yes, I’m talking about pets. A bored dog can do more damage in 5 minutes than a hurricane and a there is a simple trick to prevent it from happening: planting plastic forks in the ground next to your sprouts. Plastic forks can’t hurt your pet but will deter it from chewing and digging around it. Your welcome!

Diapers – a weird one? Who uses diapers for gardening? You, if you are smart and know how! If you are having troubles making your water stay inside the pot, use diapers. There is not much science to it – diapers keep water, draining water that escapes the soil will stay there and moist the soil back. Yes, it’s that easy!

Cooking water – no, we are not pushing to see if you will believe anything, this is an honest tip: when you are cooking veggies for lunch, remember to keep the water. After it cools down you can use it to water your plants. This will serve just like the fertilizer, the good stuff from the water will help your plants and you will be happy to see such an easy trick worked. This incredibly simple and easy tip is also very cheap and doesn’t waste money or time. It’s only your sink that suffers.

Plant trees – why plant trees nearby? Tree provide a protection from the sun so planting a few trees near your garden will help shade some of your plants. Depending on the type of plants you want, some require partial shade, while others can survive in direct sunlight all day long. You will also want to be sure you plant a sturdy tree, as if the tree falls over in a storm, you will have to clean it up and replant a new tree. Miller Son Tree Service suggest that you plant a tree that is common in your area. You don’t want to go and buy a tree that isn’t a natural habitat of your location as this will put more stress on the tree and cause it to weaken quickly. You can find a local arborist or garden store and ask them what type of tree would work for you. Usually they sell trees that are natural to the local area.